About ‘kami’

Knowledgian Sharing Team is founded and managed by N. A. Prasetya

This team is powered by loosely coupled and various leveled  of my solid partners ( individuals professionls, students and/ or many related entities ) for providing and sharing ICT management solutions ideas/ implementations within Triumvirate of COST – FUNCTIONALITY – AESTHETICS services.

Nugraha AP2 (QNOY) RSI-513

As personal ~ I have very strong will, not dependent on others & gives an impression of being a lone-ranger. I’m extremely curious & sensual, living a clear-headed, modern life. At 1st glance I place myself on a pedestal & am difficult to get along. But once others talk to me, they know I’m easygoing. & when relationship develops, they realise I’m affable. I have an androgynous charm, which makes me popular with all genders. But I dont like my weak to be seen. I might look cool on surface, but beneath it all, I am really passionate. Only people who know My true self can maintain a long lasting relationship with me 🙂

Formal Education :

  • executive MBA Asian Insitute Mgt (AIM), Makati, Phillipines
  • PreS2 FASILKOM UI (Computer Science Pre Master Program)
  • S1 Math & Computing, FMIPA UI (Math & Science)
  • S1 Information technology, Univ. Gunadarma

Last achievement :

  • I was an ICT Specialist consultant at EITI Project with Worldbank Indonesia and Ministry of Economic affairs.
  • I was an ICT Transformation Consultant at IFRS Project with Plantation SOE-s
  • I was a Project manager & Contents Controller for Corporate & Intranet Website of National private Plantation companys, and it was appreciated as the best website among of Indonesian Public Companies
  • I was a Project manager & Contents Controller for Corporate & Intranet Website of Governments bank restructuring project, and it was appreciated as the best of Indonesian E-Government from Komputer-Aktif Magazines Award , also the best ten of Indonesian E-Goverment from Warta-Ekonomi.

Skills :

  • Knowledge Management Specialist
  • ICT Project Management
  • Digital Contents Management
  • Internet & Digital Strategy Analysis
  • IS Management Lecturer

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